Why Music Matters in Your Branded Content


The Stats

A study from Nielsen showed that viewers rate ads with music, more creative, informative, memorable and emotive compared to those without. So, before I go into "how to find music" for your branded content, let's prove that music matters in advertising and marketing.

If you're in advertising, you already know the power of music. If you're a human, you probably already know the power of music. While you might not know why music matters this much, you're validated in your feeling. 500 out of the 600 adverts that Neilsen tested for effectiveness include music. Their research proved that ads with some form of music perform better than others across the most important key metrics. Take a look:

How To Use Music In Your Content

In brief (because you don't have all the time in the world), music can serve in many positions. Here are some of my favorite:

  • In an Instagram video
  • In your brand's Instagram or Snapchat story
  • In any of your paid or organic promotional videos on socials
  • Make a video file out of a few product photos (repeat them if you have to) then add music. It'll look like a .gif, just with the added benefit of music
  • Or turn your .gifs into video files then add music.
  • Make a Spotify playlist for your brand then share it with your followers
  • On your Myspace page... ok that one's a joke for us old schoolers

Get it, got it, good? I'm sure you can think of a few other creative ways to use music in your brand's content. I believe in you!

Where To Get Music For Your Content

There are quite a few resources to gather the rights for music. Unfortunately for you, you can't just take Drake's newest single and throw it on your ads or content without paying stacks on stacks on stacks for the license to use that song. While large ad agencies and brands can afford those licensing costs, here are a few bootstrapped ways to legally license music for your content:

  • Music Bed: these guys provide filmmakers and content creators with a selection of music to license for their projects
  • Epidemic Sound: they work closely with musicians to soundtrack stories for brands all over the world
  • Do you have a neighbor, friend, cousin in a band? See if they'll let you use their song royalty-free for an appropriate licensing fee. 
  • Contract qualified songwriters and producers to make custom music for your brand that you exclusively have the rights to use. (hint: people like me 💁🏻)


Well, I hope this makes "making content" easier! Music holds a heavy place in most people's lives. So why not use it to share your story and reach real people. Have questions? Tweet @ me. - Jessica Frech


Weird Ways To Be Creative

Since #WeirdWaysToBeCreative was trending on Twitter this week, why not talk about it here on the blog. Plus, the weirdness runs ramped at Keep Strong. 



Weird (adj): Someone who is excessively amazing. ex: Psshhhh, that girl's so weird that she's f*cking amazing.



Number 1: Keep bath markers in the shower.

Change your scenery and brainstorm in the shower. Mark up the shower walls with washable markers, then snap a pic of your creation. It can be nonsense doodles or your company's marketing plan. Whatever it is; write, draw, and shower it out.  You can buy washable bath tub markers on Amazon.


Number 2: Go for a skip. Not a walk.

This is a tactic I've personally used and it actually works. Skipping as an adult feels so stupid that whatever creative blockers were inhibiting me before, are freed through the silliness of skipping. You don't have to skip a mile, but maybe just one round around the office. 


Number 3: Go to a cultural market.

Instead of hitting up Wendy's for your deluxe meal, go to your local cultural market. The world is much bigger than our line of vision and exploring other cultures is a good reminder of how big the world really is. Open your mind to the possibility that we all have different life experiences. Culture plays a large part in these life experiences. 


Number 4: Work at an unusual time. Like 3am.

And if 3am is your usual work time, then switch it up just for a day. While this might instill a fear of sleep deprivation, the sacrifice will be worth the creative juices. 


Number 5: Get a random side gig.

If you work behind a computer all day, get a side gig bartending for the weekend or drive for Lyft a few hours on a Friday night. Whatever it is, find a creatively low pressure work opportunity where you can make a few extra bucks while giving the creation part of your brain a break.



I hope these five weird ways to be creative jolt a magnificent creation from that mastermind of yours.  


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