Weird Ways To Be Creative

Since #WeirdWaysToBeCreative was trending on Twitter this week, why not talk about it here on the blog. Plus, the weirdness runs ramped at Keep Strong. 



Weird (adj): Someone who is excessively amazing. ex: Psshhhh, that girl's so weird that she's f*cking amazing.



Number 1: Keep bath markers in the shower.

Change your scenery and brainstorm in the shower. Mark up the shower walls with washable markers, then snap a pic of your creation. It can be nonsense doodles or your company's marketing plan. Whatever it is; write, draw, and shower it out.  You can buy washable bath tub markers on Amazon.


Number 2: Go for a skip. Not a walk.

This is a tactic I've personally used and it actually works. Skipping as an adult feels so stupid that whatever creative blockers were inhibiting me before, are freed through the silliness of skipping. You don't have to skip a mile, but maybe just one round around the office. 


Number 3: Go to a cultural market.

Instead of hitting up Wendy's for your deluxe meal, go to your local cultural market. The world is much bigger than our line of vision and exploring other cultures is a good reminder of how big the world really is. Open your mind to the possibility that we all have different life experiences. Culture plays a large part in these life experiences. 


Number 4: Work at an unusual time. Like 3am.

And if 3am is your usual work time, then switch it up just for a day. While this might instill a fear of sleep deprivation, the sacrifice will be worth the creative juices. 


Number 5: Get a random side gig.

If you work behind a computer all day, get a side gig bartending for the weekend or drive for Lyft a few hours on a Friday night. Whatever it is, find a creatively low pressure work opportunity where you can make a few extra bucks while giving the creation part of your brain a break.



I hope these five weird ways to be creative jolt a magnificent creation from that mastermind of yours.  


giphy (2).gif

How to Use .gifs in Your Content Schedule

Li-Anne Dias

Li-Anne Dias

.gif (n): Graphics Interchange Format

Has anyone else found themselves in a trance watching the same cat .gif over and over again? Nah me neither. 

Due to our visually addictive minds, we love quickly moving graphics. This means your customers will too. Don't be afraid to let your voice and tone glitz through with a tasteful .gif. 

How to use .gifs tastefully.

There are definite do's and don'ts to using .gifs. Too many moving graphics can come across as loud, tacky, annoying, or cheap. The best way to avoid these awful adjectives is to have a brand guideline.

brand guide (n): acts as a key document that helps content creators communicate a consistent message to your audience, so it’s a great asset for creating consistent, on-brand content.
— Forbes

It's simple. If the .gif breaks your brand guideline, then don't use it. . Find a .gif that doesn't distract from your brand, but adds to the story you're trying to tell. If you have a creative on your team or someone with an aesthetic vision, don't be afraid to put your .gif in front of fresh eyes. Sometimes, opinions do matter. 

Where to find .gifs.

Giphy is always a great place to start. This is the bottomless pit of .gifs. Almost anything and everything can be found on Giphy if you use the right search words. But, if Giphy fails you, turn to Google search. Just make sure you're searching under Google images. See below. 


Making your own .gifs.

If you want .gif content that no one else has, here are a few ways to make custom .gifs.

  • Boomerang: A Boomerang is Instagram's way of allowing their users to make .gif like visuals. But, while a Boomerang looks like a .gif, the file is actually saved to your phone as a .mov. This makes a difference when posting to platforms like Twitter and Mailchimp. To turn your Boomerang into a .gif file you'll first need to save your Boomerang to your phone then send it to your desktop. From there you can either use Photoshop to convert your .mov into a .gif (directions here) or use a free online conversion service like CloudConvert or GIF Maker. 
  • Photoshop: You can use Photoshop to create an entirely custom .gif. Just follow these directions. This is definitely the more advanced way of creating a .gif.
  • allows you to create animated gifs, slideshows, and video animations online freely and easily. Just gather the content you want to use for your gif and upload it to their site.
  • Screenshot .gifs: This is like the .gif I have above. On a Mac, use QuickTime to screen record. Then follow the same steps above to convert your QuickTime .mov file to a .gif. 

Go out and color the world with .gifs.

This is all I have for you today, but if you have any questions about .gifs and how to use them, shoot me an email or tweet. I'll always respond. 



Jessica Frech

Keep Strong Creative Owner