IMO: Conversion over vanity.

The social media numbers game. It's a real thing. I have real conversations on the weekly with clients about conversions versus vanity numbers. Laser focusing on an ever rising social media following is a black hole of energy and advertising money if you're not keeping up with the conversions. Here is a good list of questions to ask your social media manager... or better yet, here's a list of trackable analytics to keep an eye on yourself.

  • Is my growing following active? 
  • What is my interaction rate?
  • Are these followers the followers I want?
  • Will these followers use my product or service?
  • How many of my followers HAVE used my product or service
  • How can I encourage these followers to cross promote my brand?
  • How can I tap into these follower's individual audiences?
  • How do I keep my current followers "following and engaged"?
  • How much of my sales traffic is coming from socials?

Spend more time dialing in your audience and less time chasing the numbers. A solid place to start finding "your people" is with strategically branded creative content that your audience can count on. Hit me up here for help!

- Jessica Frech (Creative Producer)