Instagram Stories Hacks

While I work with a jumbo amount of social media platforms, I do have my favorite tools. Instagram Stories is one of them; even over it's older sibling, Snapchat. If you want to up your personal Stories game for your friends' sake, then I've got you! If you use Instagram for your business or brand, then I got you too! Here are a few hacks to Instagram's platform that will drive eyes, ears, and clicks to your product and/or content. Move over Selena Gomez... there's about to be a few more kings and queens of Instagram.

1) Import content from you camera roll to your Stories. For accessibility and quality reasons, sometimes it can be best to "import" content to your Stories from your camera roll. To do this, open Instagram Stories and swipe "up" to see a list of available importable content. Currently, you're only allowed to pull content from your camera roll that's less than 24 hours old.

2) How to import videos and photos that are older than 24 hours into Instagram Stories. Two hacks here. 

The first one: if you screen shot the image you're wanting to import, your iPhone will create a new photo file in your camera roll and recognize it as "new" content. You will then see your screen shotted photo as an option to import into Stories.

The second hack: manually change the time in your phone settings to anytime before your desired content was taken. For example, if you want to import a photo that was taken on May 20th at 4:23pm but it's already May 29th, then backdate your clock settings to anytime before May 20th at 4:23pm. Then, go into Instagram Stories and you will see ALL of the content retrospective to the date you changed in your phone settings available. Just make sure to change your clock back immediately after posting... that can really mess up your apps and your life yo. Protip: (time codes are at the top of the image or video in your camera roll).

3) Pause viewing on Instagram Stories. During your Instagram trolling (cough* I mean scrolling), you might want to pause what you're watching on Stories. To pause a video you're watching in someone else's (or your) story, hold your finger down on the screen. When you raise your finger, the content will resume playing. 

4) Keep your Instagram app updated. This is a simple hack, but with how quickly Instagram is changing their platform it's important to keep your app updated. That way when Instagram rolls out new tools, you'll be one of the first to use them!


If you're still wondering how these hacks will help you sell product or raise brand awareness, shoot me an email or a tweet. Here to help! - Jess