I like to think I have a generous social life… a social life inside of my business life. If I’m mad chilling, it’s at Starbucks with a few friends and we all have our computers working on our current projects. Sooo here is my current hustle formula to keep me creating:

1) Starbucks Recycled Glass Cold Cup:  When partnered with my gold card and free refills, I’m a powerhouse. Plus real convos happen around coffee.

2) Collen Slim iPhone Case: My esthetic is everything. Natural textures, greys, and whites keep me inspired and make me happy.

3) My “Mother Frecher” Spotify Playlist: Gotta have the tunes if you’re gonna cruise. Although I switch up my music based on my vibe, I always return back to my own cultivated playlist of trending pop and hip hop tracks. 

4) Good Company: Sorry. I can’t hyperlink you the answer to that one. Finding a good work buddy can keep you motivated while also being a good sound board. The occasional “hey look at this cat video” is also a nice little distraction to share in between grind seshs.

5) Water: It’s easy to forget to drink water while chugging coffee and laser focusing so hard that your peripherals disappear. But the science is, that the caffeine will dehydrate you and you need to stay fresh if you want to work smarter and harder. 

Don’t let me tell ya how to hustle, listen to the KING, Gary V. Who just happened to use one of my unreleased songs in his latest vlog. You can check it below.