Single Release: TORN by Sem

Release date: April 20, 2018


The tastefully curated music channel you know as CloudKid is more than your go-to soundscape. This Youtube channel gone indie label is now aiding in the release of it's findings.

First up, TORN by Sem.

Sem is a Netherlands based producer and writer with a catalog of perfectly balanced chill house EDMs and party anthems.


TORN is the first official release under the CloudKid family. This single isn't shy of vocal samples, melodic hits, nor anxiety reducing drops. It's everything you'd want, but more than you'd expect in an EDM track. Sem's single art alone is mesmerizingly rememberable.

With over 1 million streams on this young producers Spotify and 18k followers on Soundcloud, Sem is making a name for himself amongst tastemakers, producers, and the underground EDM junkie. You can listen to his newest single TORN scheduled for release on April 20th below. 


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